A Kathryn Christmas - December 2004

Trees are decorated, packages are wrapped and opened.  
Snow is shovelled, lights are viewed, strange drinks are
drunk, fireworks are viewed, and beaches are walked.
Train Trip to New York - December 2004

A train is taken to Grand Central.  Babies are boarded,
restaurants are chosen, model trains are run, craft fairs are
shopped and street musicians are entertained.
Westchester Cat Show - November 2004

We take Kathryn to the cat show.  Friends are met,
hoops are jumped, babies are strolled and cats are not
Nantucket - October 2004

We fly to Nantucket and stay in our friend's wonderful  
house.  Beaches are walked, shops are visits, drinks are
obtained, and sunsets are watched.
Bronx Zoo - October 2004

We meet our friends at the Bronx Zoo.  Babies are
strolled, picnics are eaten, and monorails are ridden.
Lake George J-24 Regatta - October 2004

We join Frog's sister Caroline at Lake George for a
sailing regatta, then drop by GE Research in Albany on
the way home.  Babies sleep in many strange beds.
Kathryn's One Month Birthday - September 2004

Frog has an important regatta, so Brian entertains
Kathryn.  Farms are visited, shopping is done, cake is
eaten, and a yacht club party is crashed.  
Kathryn Goes to the Beach - September 2004

On Labor Day, babies get grumpy.  Strollers are packed,
Kathryn's First Overnight Sail - September 2004

Babies are packed, a voyage to the Stamford outer harbor
is sailed, appetizers and champagne are served, dinner is
eaten and sleep is attempted.
Kathryn's First Flight - September 2004

Tires are checked, babies are pre-boarded, and exciting
scenery is viewed.
Kathryn's First Boat Visit - August 2004

Life jackets are purchased, boats are boarded, and cabins
are selected.
Kathryn at Home - August 2004

Friends bring food, meals are slept through, walks are
taken, doctors are visited, and babies are always perfect.
First Kathryn Pictures - August 2004

Kathryn's Stamford Hospital experience.  Babies are
born, diapers are changed and parties are organized.
Anouk Lost in Space Race - August 2004

Steven, Moyra,  Don and Sharee take Anouk on her first
sailboat race.  Best 8-month old racer on the Sound!  
Lines are handled and beers are sucked.
Aerial Marina Photos - August 2004

We go flying with friends Brad and Leslie.  Planes are
flown, marinas are photographed, and Mexican food is
Frog's Shower - July 2004

Moyra, Steven and Sharee arrange a shower for Frog.  
Sushi and BBQ are eaten.  Wine, beer and New Zealand
punch are imbibed.  
Shelter Island Trip - July 2004

We take Big Lost in Space on a 3 day trip to Shelter
Island with Olga, Maarten, and Ricardo, starting with an
overnight sail from Stamford.  
South Lake Tahoe Trip - June 2004

Tahoe for the Crystal Growth conference at Fallen Leaf  
We take the train to Sacramento and drive to South Lake
Lost in Space Box Project - May 2004

A trailer storage box has an unfortunate accident.  A
replacement is built, painted and installed.  Sails are
Washington/Florida Trip - May 2004

We take the train to Washington for a National Academy
of Sciences workshop, then on to Florida to attend  the
IBM Corporate Technical Recognition Event.  
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