2016 Stories
Easter - March 2016

Once again the Easter Bunny visits Ossining, leaving eggs and beans
of all sorts.  The cats are very confused.
Spring Break - March 2016

A grand tour of Virginia, the Outer Banks, Ocracoke Island and
inland North Carolina.
Albany With Rowan - March 2016

Eric and Rowan join Brian on a train trip to our favorite hotel in
Albany and the New York State museum.  We ride in a sleeping car
and eat in the diner, of course.
Winter Break - February 2016

We travel to Washington DC, Chicago, Boulder, London and a few
other places.  We meet a very cute cat.
Sheep to Shawl - April 2016

Philipsburg Manor hosts a day of everything sheep and wool.  
Sheep are sought, caught and sheared. Wool is picked, cleaned,
spun, dyed, woven, shawled and sold.
Saint Petersburg - June 2016

Frog attends a conference in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Her hosts
provide amazing tours and incredible dinners.
Connecticut Museums - May 2016

We travel across Connecticut and stop at many strange little
Wiener Dog Races - May 2016

Eric and Brian go to Lake Compounce for the annual Wiener Dog
Race.  We also stay in a fancy hotel and enjoy presents, pool, pizza
and basketball.
American History Museum - June 2016

Eric and Brian visit the American History Museum in Washington,
DC.  We view many antique vehicles and ancient technologies.
Kathryn's Birthday in Japan - August 2016

Frog and Kathryn return to Japan to celebrate Kathryn's 12th
birthday. Many gashapons are purchased.  
Erie Canal Adventure - August 2016

Brian and Eric take a fast train to Syracuse and then a long slow
canal boat ride along the Erie Canal.
New York Renaissance Faire - September 2016

Forsooth!  We find our way to the Faire, where we watch a joust,
eat large food, watch silly shows, drink odd drinks and try to pull a
sword out of a stone.  
Yuxin and Mayu - October 2016

Two more great visitors from Yokohama, Japan.  We hit all the
usual fall events, including the Blaze, Muscoot Farm, a bookstore,
Stew Leonard's and kayaking.
Chicago - November 2016

Trains, taxis, art, fish and stir-fry!  
Winter Wonderland - December 2016

We attend a Westchester County festival with camels, a circus,
light shows, ice skating and many food trucks.
Christmas and Eric's Birthday - December 2016

Pajamas are matched, stockings are stuffed, presents are ripped,
food is cooked and guests are fed.  As usual, Eric gets double