2013 Stories
Ayako, Miyuki, Mari & Fumina - February 2013

We are happy to host more Japanese visitors.  Despite
the worst snowstorm of the season, we keep them very
busy and have a wonderful time.
Kathryn Visits Colorado - March 2013

Kathryn and Brian take a train ride to visit Grandma Jo
and Amy.  We visit museums, drive up into the Rocky
Mountains, and learn all about mountain weather.
Return to Lund - May 2013

Six years later, the family returns to Lund.  We visit all
our old favorites, including Hamlet's Castle, the Lund
Cathedral and the Höör Animal Park.
Eric on Vinalhaven - June 2013

Brian and Eric go to Vinalhaven for the Seal Bay Music
festival with Jennifer's quartet.  Lobsters are eaten,
beaches combed, rocks climbed and twins chased.  
Leiden - June 2013

We join Frog at a fantastic conference in Holland.  We
view windmills, take canal tours, eat stroopwafels, and
play on a very cold beach.
Hiroka, Mina and Wakana - July 2013

Three more wonderful Japanese visitors drop by.  We
visit the Wobble Cafe, Playland, the Croton Dam, Stew
Leonards, and Teatown.
Canada Cruise with Grandma Jo - August 2013

We once again sail to Saint John and Halifax, this time
with Grandma Jo. Unlike the 2012 hurricane cruise, the
sea is calm, the sky is blue and we make it to both ports.
Kathryn's Birthday - August 2013

Arrr!  Kathryn be having a birthday party with games,
swimming, a buried treasure hunt and plenty of grub,
grog and cake.  
Honorary Doctorate - May 2013

Frog is awarded an honorary doctorate from Lund
University.  Fancy suits and gowns are worn by all, and
many fine dinners are enjoyed.  
Miu and Naoko - October 2013

Two more Japanese students join us from Yokohama.  
We hit all the usual Halloween haunts, including the
Blaze, pumpkin picking, and a carnival.
Our New Car - December 2013

We trade up to an almost new Outback.  Brian and Eric
fly to Ohio, and then to Pennsylvania.  We spend the
night in Jamestown, NY, and drive our new car home.
Christmas and Eric's Birthday - December 2013

A white Christmas and a wild birthday party.
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