2012 Stories
Eric's Trip to Chicago - January 2012

Eric and Brian take the train to Chicago, and visit the
Museum of Science and Industry.  Eric drives trains,
cars, trolleys, tractors, harvesters and a submarine.
Boulder and London - February 2012

Brian and Eric fly to Boulder to visit Grandma Jo, and
return by train. Frog and Kathryn fly to London to visit
Grandma Rosemary and Granddad Sid.  
Sid's Birthday - May 2012

Frog flies to London for her father's 80th birthday party.
A small apartment is filled with food, drink, guests and
gifts.  A party is held at Sid's legal chambers as well.
Easter in Arlington - April 2012

We visit the Boston Museum of Science, play around in
parks, visit friends and find lots of Easter eggs.
Bermuda Cruise - April 2012

Eric and Brian take a seven day cruise from Baltimore to
Bermuda and back.   In addition to the cruise ship, we
ride speedboats, pirate ships, ferries and a paddle boat.
Ossining Car Show - May 2012

Frog enters her '93 Honda Civic Del Sol in the Ossining
Car Show.  She's up against some tough competition.
Canada Cruise - July 2012

Frog is at a conference in Phoenix in July, so Kathryn,
Eric and Brian head north to Saint John and Halifax,
Canada.  Large boats, jet boats and tour boats are sailed.
Erika and Mareno - July 2012

We take on two wonderful Japanese high school students
for 12 days while they study English and visit many NYC
landmarks.  We share many happy family traditions.
Lake George Train Trip - September 2012

We stay in a fancy hotel, visit an arcade, take a tour boat,
visit a fort, go mini-golfing and hit the jacuzzi.
Kathryn's Birthday - August 2012

We celebrate her birthday with a family party.  The next
Sunday, we take all her friends to a special kid's gym and
return them in style to a party at our house.
Yusaku and Benny - October 2012

More Japanese visitors come just in time for a Yankees
playoff, nature hikes, a steak dinner, a Jack O'Lantern
festival and a pumpkin carving.
Alligator Run - September 2012

Brian and Eric go south to Miami, where they meet
alligators, crocodiles, panthers, snakes, fancy houses,
boats and shops, and a very friendly hotel concierge.
Hurricane Sandy - October 2012

Other than losing power for a week, we have no damage
from Hurricane Sandy.  The Shattemuc Yacht Club is not
so fortunate.
Our New Wall - October 2012

The retaining wall behind our house is crumbling away.
We bring in an expert team of wall builders to replace it.  
Boston with Eric - November 2012

Eric and Brian join Frog in Boston for the fall MRS
conference.  We stay in a fancy hotel, shop in a fancy
mall and eat in fancy restaurants.
Christmas and Eric's Birthday - December 2012

The halls are decked, the stockings are hung, the train
runs around the tree and the presents are ready to open.
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