2015 Stories
Arizona - February 2015

It is the coldest February on record, so we fly to
Arizona, stay at a fancy resort, have dinner with Laurel,
and then drive to the Grand Canyon.
Kathryn and the Cat Show - January 2015

Kathryn serves as a steward at a cat show.  Cats are
judged, cages are cleaned, and climbing toys are
purchased.  Kathryn earns $20 and a free lunch!
Frog's Hike - February 2015

Frog starts out before sunrise and hikes all the way to the
bottom.  She sees deer, squirrels and a woodpecker.  
Brian and the kids walk part way down to meet her.
The Grand Canyon - February 2015

We stay in the best cabin on the rim, and the kids get
their own room.  We enjoy picnics with great views.  
Brian and the kids take a train ride while Frog goes hiking.
Amtrak Across America - April 2015

Eric and Brian take three days to cross the country by
train.  We start along a frozen river, climb mountains,
cross deserts, eat dining car meals and take naps.
Berkeley - April 2015

We stay in a  hotel in the Berkeley Marina.  We visit
Tilden park, Tiburon, the Muir Woods, and of course the
Berkeley Yacht Club.  
San Francisco - April 2015

We attend the last San Francisco MRS meeting.  We visit
all our old favorites, including the Sutro Baths, the Cliff
House, Fisherman's Wharf and of course the cable cars.
Saratoga Springs - May 2015

We leave the kids in Ossining and drive north to a short
conference in Saratoga.  We sample over 20 different
spring waters and enjoy a magnificent banquet.
Saint John Cruise Outbound - June 2015

For only the second time, the whole family goes on a
cruise.  We get a fancy room with spa privileges.  
Terrific food, drink and entertainment, of course.
Saint John and Back - June 2015

In Saint John, we visit beaches, Kathryn rides a zip line,
we enjoy lobster rolls, and have a great time on the cruise
back to NYC.
Maine - July 2015

After our cruise, we drive directly to Maine, where Frog
has a science conference, and we find beach fun, fog
fun, and desert fun.
Julia in Boston - July 2015

Julia joins us for a quick weekend trip to Boston.  We
meet cousins, bounce on trampolines, play in attics, visit
the USS Constitution museum and take a Duck tour.
Return to Saratoga  - August 2015

Mage joins Kathryn and Eric for a wild weekend in
Saratoga.  We stay in a fancy hotel, taste spring waters,
bet on horses and visit the NYS Museum.
Hudson Sail - July 2015

Julia and Yi-Chia join us for an overnight cruise up the
Hudson river.  We sail under bridges, past West Point,
find a perfect mooring, swim and enjoy dinner.
Kathryn's Birthday  - August 2015

Kathryn has three parties, one on Cape Cod, one at our
house, and one in New York City.  We pay to pet cats.
Cape Cod - September 2015

The Switnicki's invite us to share their beautiful guest
house on Cape Cod.  They take us to many beaches and
we treat them to one special train ride.
Delft - October 2015

Frog and Brian visit the Technical University in Delft,
The Netherlands.  The kids are strangely absent.
Sara and Wakami - October 2015

Two more charming visitors from Japan.  We enjoy
autumn colors, pumpkins, steaks, cats, hermit crabs and
a very quick morning sail.
Dinosaur Day - November 2015

Eric and Brian go to the dinosaur celebration in Lasdon
park.  We view dinosaurs, solve mazes, win a free tree,
watch model trains and drive Flintstone cars.
Autumn Scenes - November 2015

Just a few pictures of a beautiful autumn.  Leaves turn,
trees are cut down, deer find berries, kayaks are paddled
and pumpkins fade away.
Christmas and Eric's Birthday - December 2015

Stockings are dumped and presents shredded as we
celebrate our second Christmas with the cats, and our
eighth year with Eric.  The usual wild party occurs.
Montreal New Years - December 2015

The Wobbles join us for a train ride to Montreal to
celebrate New Years and Beylka's birthday.  We stay in a
hotel with a very warm pool.
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