2011 Stories
Grange County Fair - September 2011

We attend a local fair with pig races, dog shows, rides,  
contests and fun food.  We view chickens, horses, goats
and strange veggies.   
Carnival Hurricane Cruise - August 2011

Kathryn and Brian sail the very high seas with Rich,
Beylka, Rowan and Mage, aka "The Wobbles".  We just
miss a hurricane, but take Halifax by storm.
Kathryn's Birthday - August 2011

Kathryn turns seven, and we have a big party for our
little ladybug.  She gets presents, goes to animal camp,
and has a very big surprise waiting for her at home.
Cape Cod - July 2011

We join Charlotte and Sid for a weekend at their summer
beach house.  We ride tourist trains, visit beaches, splash
water parks, cruise tour boats, and feed cats.
Planes, Trains and Automobiles - May 2011

We go to Boston to visit Charlotte and company.  
Kathryn flies by herself, Frog and Eric drive, and Brian
takes Amtrak.   Guess who gets there last?
Easter - April 2011

The Easter bunny comes on a rainy spring morning, and
decides to leave his gifts downstairs.  He brings
chocolate carrots, and gifts within eggs within eggs.
Montreal - April 2011

Kathryn and Brian take the train to Montreal and stay in
an incredible hotel with an indoor/outdoor pool.  We visit
the Montreal Biodome, and enjoy great French food.
Flowers - April 2011

The first spring bulbs emerge, and overcome the snow to
produce beautiful daffodils. Watch for the forsythia to
start blooming in the background.
Stepping Stones Museum - March 2011

Phyllis joins the kids at the Stepping Stones Museum for
Children in Norwalk.  Water is splashed, trees are
climbed, gorillas are nested, and liquids are magnetized.
Kathryn in New York City - March 2011

We spend a weekend in New York, with train, subway,
cab and carriage rides.  We see a planetarium show and  
a play, lunch in Chinatown, and party in Times Square.
Canadian Train Trip - March 2011

Jo and Brian take Amtrak from NYC to Toronto and then
the VIA "Canadian" train to Vancouver.  The views, food
and company are all excellent.
Snow and Icicles - February 2011

We accumulate over two feet of snow and an impressive
collection of icicles.
Busch Gardens - September 2011

While in Florida, we check out the animals and rides in
Busch Gardens.  We get way too close to lions, tigers,
cheetahs, hyenas and a hippo.
Florida Train Trip - September 2011

Kathryn and Brian head take Amtrak from New York to
Tampa, Florida.  We stay in a great hotel, swim in pools,
visit beaches, and watch sunsets.
Ayano and Aoi - October 2011

We host two Japanese visitors for an action-packed
weekend.  We view pumpkins, cook waffles, visit farms,
shop, eat BBQ, visit a local fair and meet Elvis.
Reptile Show - November 2011

Snakes alive!  And lizards, frogs, tortoises, butterflies,
and, uh, cockroaches?  Everything you need for your
new slimy friend.
Botanical Garden Train Show - November 2011

We attend the famous train show at the New York
Botanical Garden.  Lots of plants, buildings, trains, and
even a venus flytrap.
Eric in Boston - November 2011

For the second year in a row, Eric joins us in Boston
while Kathryn stays home with a friend.  We attend
parties, eat in nice restaurants and do a lot of jumping.
Christmas and Eric's Birthday - December 2011

Another Christmas, with our biggest tree yet.  Lots of
presents, food, and another birthday for Eric.  Plus, the
traditional trip to Boston to see Charlotte and Sid.
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