2010 Stories
Back on the Road - April 2010

Frog hits the science trail again, while the rest of us stay
home.  Flights to Berkeley, San Jose, Seattle, Scottsdale
and San Francisco put her over one million miles.
The Big Snow - March 2010

We get almost two feet of wet snow in two days.  The
power is out for three days, and we buy a generator to
keep the house lights on and the computer running.
Frog's Lab - March 2010

The PBS science show NOVA visits Frog's lab.  The
microscope is tuned up and Frog shows the visitors
some very, very small stuff.
Easter  - April 2010

The Easter Bunny comes.  Eggs are collected, opened
and eaten.  It is a beautiful spring day, and we enjoy a
wonderful Easter brunch with Bill, Phyllis and Annie.
The New York Auto Show - April 2010

Eric is nuts about cars, so we take the train to New York
City for the big auto show.  Eric checks out all the new
models.  Afterward, we enjoy lunch at Grand Central.
Park School Train Trip - April 2010

Kathryn's school takes a field trip from Ossining to
Peekskill on the Metro-North railroad.  It starts with a
long walk, but ends with lunch and a great playground.
Long Island Trip - May 2010

Frog has a meeting at Brookhaven National Lab, so we
take the ferry to Long Island and stay in a fun hotel.  We
spend the day exploring the North Fork of Long Island.
Muscoot Farm - May 2010

Eric, Kathryn and Eve go with Brian to Muscoot Farm.  
Cows, chickens, lambs and many other animals are
viewed.  Grilled cheeses and ice cream are eaten.
Student of Distinction - June 2010

Kathryn receives a major award from her school, along
with a medal, certificate and a special gift.
Carnival Cruise - June 2010

We take another cruise to Canada with our friend Peter.  
We eat clam chowder and lobster, wade a raging river
and explore deep sand caves.
Kathryn's Birthday - August 2010

Kathryn is six years old!  We party all day, with visits to
club.  Finally, we spend the night at a fancy hotel.
Kathryn's Summer Camps - August 2010

Kathryn attends three summer camps.  Games are
played, pools are swam, crafts are made, woods are
hiked, and mud is redistributed.
IBM Campout - August 2010

IBM hosts a camping night on the grounds behind Frog's
work.  Tents are pitched, games are played, food is eaten
Bannerman's Island - August 2010

We visit an island on the Hudson with a crumbling replica
of a Scottish castle and an abandoned home.
Briano's Ristorante Italiano - August 2010

Brian recreates an authentic Italian meal, with antipasti,
salad, pastas, meats and dessert, along with fine wines.  
Many friends attend, and become Mona Lisa.
Autumn Pumpkin Festival - October 2010

Kathryn, Eric, Julia and Brian ride a nearby ski lift, take
a hayride, visit a haunted house, solve a corn maze and
pick out pumpkins.  Ice cream is (mostly) eaten.
Celebrity Cruise - October 2010

Once again, Phyllis, Kathryn and Brian hit the high seas.  
We make the most of two days in Bermuda, and also
enjoy St. Thomas and San Juan.
Eric in Boston - November 2010

We take Eric to a conference in Boston while Kathryn
stays at Eve's house.  We stay in a grand hotel, explore  
Boston, eat fine food, party, and meet Elvis.
Christmas and Eric's Birthday - December 2010

We dream of a white Christmas and get more than we
expected.  Cousins visit, presents are opened, we enjoy
many cakes and play in plenty of snow.
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