2009 Stories
Providence  - January 2009

We hit the road again, with a short trip to Brown
University in Providence, Rhode Island.  We stay in a
great hotel, eat good food and visit a really fun museum.
Sammy  - January 2009

Sammycat comes to visit.  Catnaps are taken, mice are
caught, food is nibbled, sunny patches are rolled around
in and beads are chased.
CCC Party at Teatown - March 2009

Kathryn's daycare takes a field trip to Teatown to learn
about maple syrup.  We play games, party, and bounce in
Kathryn's new castle.
London and Holland - March 2009

Eric's first trip to London.  Frog goes to Holland, but
Kathryn, Eric and Brian stay and enjoy playgrounds,
plays, great meals and sleeping with cats.
Charlotte Visits - April 2009

Paul and Caroline set off to get a little brother while
Charlotte stays with Kathryn for ten days.  The fun
includes brunches, playgrounds, and walking the cat.
Kathryn's Field Trip - May 2009

Aunt Rosalie gave Kathryn a disposable camera, so she
took it on a school field trip.  Almost all the pictures were
taken by Kathryn with no help from anyone.
Maine and Boston Trip - June 2009

We drive way up to Maine to help put a new engine in
Big Lost in Space.  We stay in a great hotel, visit the
cousins and take a train ride.
Chelsea Regatta - June 2009

Hudson river.  She sails the boat north, races, parties,
and sails home.  Lots of great river scenery.
Carnival Cruise - June 2009

Kathryn and Brian take a cruise ship from New York City
to Saint John, New Brunswick.  We're joined by Bill and
Phyllis.  Way too much food is eaten and fun is had.
Our July Trip to Maine - July 2009

We head up to Maine to check on improvements to our
boat.  We sail out to Vinalhaven, and return to Rockland  
for the Lobster Festival.
Bringing Lost In Space Home - August 2009

We decide to move Big Lost In Space from Rockland,
Maine to Ossining.  We have a fast passage with two
great moonlit nights.
Sailing Around New York City - September 2009

We sail down the East River, up the Hudson, and almost
all  the way to Ossining.
Bridges of New York - September 2009

Frog photographs every bridge around Manhattan and up
the Hudson as far as Chelsea, New York.
NCL Cruise  - October 2009

All four of us join Bill and Phyllis for a ten day cruise to
Quebec City and back.  
Christmas and Eric's Birthday - December 2009

A white Christmas on the river.  Trees are decorated,
Caroline and Paul drop by, Eric has a birthday and the
party goes on for weeks.
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