2017 Stories
VIA Ocean  - April 2017

Six days, four trains, and three hotels.  We take the VIA Ocean  
from Montreal to Halifax and back.  We eat, sleep, ride in the Vista
Dome, and not much else.
Boston and Maine - February 2017

The family attends the AAAS meeting in Boston, then goes north to
Maine, where the beaches are frozen but the lobster is delicious.
Monster Jam - January 2017

Eric and Brian take the train to Albany, stay in a very nice hotel and
watch a monster truck show.  Cars are crushed.
Jets Game - January 2017

Our friend Tom invites us to join him at a Jets game with very
special seats.  
Boulder and Eclipse  - August 2017

We fly to Boulder to visit Jo, Amy and Tawny, then head north to
Casper, Wyoming to view the total solar eclipse.
Yankees and Bluefish - August 2017

Time for some baseball!  We score great tickets for two very
different games.  
Vinalhaven  - July 2017

Once again, we join Jennifer and her quartet for three days of
music, lobster, fog, kayaking and swimming.  
Manchester, London and Paris - July 2017

Frog becomes a fellow of the Royal Microscopy Society.  We go to
Manchester to celebrate, and drop by London and Paris on our way
Ithaca - June 2017

Julia joins us for a quick trip to Ithaca for a conference.  We visit
many gorges, waterfalls, chasms, shops, restaurants and cousins.  
New York Air Show - July 2017

Eric and Brian have VIP Tickets, front row seats, free lunch, free
snacks and free beer.  Plus all the planes, cars and ATV's Eric can
stand.  All that and the Blue Angels!
Eri and Kaede  - October 2017

More wonderful Japanese visitors.  All the usual attractions and a
fun dinner with a surprise birthday and surprise fireworks!
NY Boat Trip (South) - September 2017

We take Big Lost in Space on an overnight trip to the southern tip
of Manhattan.  Despite some engine problems, we reach a luxury
marina and enjoy a wonderful dinner and sunset.
NY Boat Trip (North) - September 2017

After some repairs, we head back north.  We almost make it.