2008 Stories
Amtrak to Albany - January 2008

Kathryn and Brian take the train to Albany to visit the
New York State Museum.  Dining cars are dined and
sleeping cars are slept.
Rafael and Karin - February 2008

A slightly late wedding reception for Rafael and Karin,
with good friends, great food, expensive champagne and
an unusual cake.
Eric's First Two Months - February 2008

Eric makes friends, hangs out with Kathryn, visits his
future school, and makes faces at godparents.
Winter on the River - February 2008

It finally snows, and we appreciate our new roof.  Frog
goes hiking on the Aqueduct Trail and kayaking on the
Croton river.  Icebergs are encountered.
Chicago Train Trip - March 2008

Hi, this is Kathryn.  Daddy and I took the train to Chicago.
We had our own room and made lots of friends and saw a
really big dinosaur.  Daddy asked me to take the pictures!
New Orleans - March 2008

Eric's first airplane ride, to New Orleans.  Rivers are
boated, Cajun food is eaten, "hurricanes" are drank and
spilled, and fun music is danced.
Katrina - March 2008

We take a Hurricane Katrina bus tour.  Much work is
going on, but many areas are still completely deserted.  
Pancake Breakfast - March 2008

we stuff ourselves, we go for a walk and view our very
own maple syrup tree, and watch them make syrup.
San Francisco - March 2008

class, of course.  Excellent food is enjoyed with many
good friends.  And best of all, hotel day care!
Spring on the River - April 2008

After five months of bare trees, we experience our first
full spring in the woods.  Many blossoms are bloomed,
Charlotte Visits - April 2008

Paul, Caroline and Charlotte drive down from Boston.  
Waffles are brunched, rivers are kayaked, playgrounds
are played and special children's restaurants are chowed.
The Tree House - May 2008

We finally finish the repairs on our house.  In addition to
replacing the porch, we added new windows, doors, a
new deck and new landscaping.  
Maine Sailing Adventure - July 2008

After two years on land, we relaunch Big Lost In Space.  
Eric goes for his first boat ride.  A friend of Frog's joins
us for a trip to Vinalhaven and a lobster dinner.
Kathryn's Fourth Birthday - August 2008

Kathryn is a big girl!  We celebrate with two parties, one
at her school and one at home with a pool party and a
traditional Brian BBQ.
Summer on the River  - September 2008

Summertime, and the living is easy.  With all the house
construction finished, we enjoy pool parties, barbecues
and the lush foliage on the river.
The Aqueduct - October 2008

Above our home is the Old Croton Aqueduct.  We follow
the path from the Croton dam to a diversion weir in
Ossining, and take a walk through the tunnel.
Christmas and Eric's Birthday - December 2008

We get an early snow, and take a train trip to New York
City to enjoy the holiday lights.  We celebrate Christmas
and Eric's first birthday, including a train cake!
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