We load up the car and head for Boston, with diversions
for meatballs and music lessons.  Gifts are opened, zoos
are visited, cemeteries are strolled and mugs are painted.
London - December 2005

We take Kathryn on her first trip to London.  Dinners are
enjoyed, undergrounds are tubed and stores are shopped.
Many relatives, friends and children are visited.

Cousins get together and thanks are given.  Hotel rooms
are moved into, parties are planned, and Kathryn takes
driving lessons.
Lund - October 2005

Cameras act up, and only a few photos are taken.  Hotels
are approved, receptions are attended, canal boats are
boarded and little mermaids are viewed.
Lake George - October 2005

We return for another regatta.  Babies are now little
girls.  Parties are attended, boats are sailed, and lakeside
cabins are enjoyed.  
Montenego - September 2005

Oceans are crossed, passports are stamped, fish and
pizza are eaten, hills are climbed and babies party.
Vinalhaven - September 2005

We fly to Maine.  Crab shacks are found, ferries are
boarded, tide pools are splashed and many good meals
are eaten.
Kathryn's Birthday - Ausust 2005

Friends arrive, presents are opened, sushi is shared,
steaks are grilled and cake is eaten.
Hawaii - August 2005

We go on a very long trip to Hawaii.  Kayaks are
paddled, burgers are BBQ'ed, volcanoes are viewed, and
much sand is collected.
Day Care - July 2005

Swings are swung, lunches are eaten, naps are snored
and sand is boxed. Babies are driven, teachers are hugged.
Yellowstone - July 2005

Panoramas are panned, mudpots are bubbled, geysers are
gushed, mountains are scaled, and bison are brunched.
Mystic Seaport - June 2005

Bill and Phyllis join us for a trip to Mystic seaport.  Sails
are furled, sailors are saved, steamboats are sailed and
lobster is eaten.
Azaleas and Sushi - May 2005

Flowers are viewed, sniffed, picked and tasted.  Trees
are climbed and vines are swung.  Afterwards, sushi is
eaten, including special Kathryn sushi.
Playland - May 2005

Cousins come together, car seats are strapped, rides are
ridden, and babies get sleepy.
San Francisco - March 2005

Babies are assembled, a penthouse is enjoyed, train
museums are viewed, baseball games are won, parties
are organized and great food is cooked and consumed.
Jo's Visit - March 2005

Cribs are purchased, snowy roads are driven, books are
saled and waterfalls are frozen.
Central Park Gates - February 2005

We go to New York to view the Cristo exhibit "The
Gates" in Central Park.  Kathryn is strolled, orange
objects are viewed, and hot dogs are eaten.

Brian performs a strange annual ritual.  Snowballs are
preserved, appreciated, exchanged and frozen.
London and Germany - February 2005

More planes, trains, subways and cabs.  Relatives and
friends are visited, kids are introduced, tours are taken
and babies get jetlagged.
We Visit Japan - January 2005

We attend a conference in Nagoya, and visit friends in
Yokohama.  Planes are flown, castles and temples are
visited, friends are made and food is enjoyed.
Charlotte Geraldine Ross - January 2005

Cousins are introduced, babies are bathed, gifts are
given, naps are taken and Christmas trees are planted.
Norwalk Aquarium- January 2005

Babies are assembled, depths are explored, fish are
touched, otters are entertained and seals are fed.
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