Oslo Cruise - August 2006

We book a large cabin on a very large boat.  We soak in
the hot tub, enjoy nice meals, and Kathryn has a ball.  
Fjords, Viking boats and beaches are appreciated.
Kathryn's Second Birthday - August 2006

We have an international visitor.  Walks are strolled,
puddles are splashed, baths are taken, presents are
opened and candles are blown out.
We Settle In - August 2006

Apartments are moved into, groceries are carried,
Copenhagen is canaled, parks are explored and fountains
are splashed.  
Moving to Lund - July 2006

Boxes are packed, going away parties are held, and we
hit the road.  London is visited, with many friends and a
huge birthday party.  Finally, we arrive in Lund.
Ithaca - July 2006

We go to one last conference before heading to Sweden.  
Penthouses are enjoyed, lakes are boated, Aunts are
visited and great food is eaten.
Maine Boat Delivery - June 2006

Brian, Howard, Don and Suneel deliver Big Lost in Space
few minor breakdowns.
South Lake Tahoe - June 2006

We fly to Sacramento, and drive up to the old mining
town of Columbia, California.  We attend a conference at
South Lake Tahoe, and spend a night on a riverboat.
Huntington Bay - May 2006

Harbors are entered and pools are swum.  Many meals
are eaten and long sleeps are slept.  
San Francisco - April 2006

Continents are crossed, hotel beds are bounced, friends
drop by, yacht clubs are crashed, and beaches are
walked. Oysters and sushi are eaten.
Playground Fun - April 2006

Slides are slid, cycles are cycled and swings are swung.
Baltimore - March 2006

We take the train to the APS meeting in Baltimore.  Ships
are steered, receptions are crashed, vessels are toured,
sushi is eaten and naps are taken.
Snow - February 2006

About two feet of snow fall.  Cars are buried and dug
out.  Kathryn tries to figure out what snow is good for.
Strange snowball rituals are performed.
Caroline and Charlotte Visit - February 2006

Caroline visits Frog's lab.  Brian, Kathryn and Charlotte
round up some friends.  Seafood, Mexican and sushi are
munched.  Frozen beaches are strolled.
Arizona - January 2006

Snow is left behind.  We fly to Arizona where we stay in
a great resort, visit the Phoenix Zoo and Indian ruins.  
We then head north to the Grand Canyon.  
2006 Stories
Italy - September 2006

We take planes, trains and taxis to the Italian Riviera.  
Beaches are splashed, much Italian food is enjoyed, and
scientists have a very hard time concentrating.
Frog goes to Japan - September 2006

Brian and Kathryn stay in London while Frog goes to a
conference in Sapporo, Japan.  Much sushi  and sake is
consumed.  Royalty is chatted with.
New Lund Apartment - September 2006

We move to a very nice stables.
Don Visits - September 2006

Our first visitor drops by.  We visit Copenhagen, the
small island of Hven, and eat many smörgåsbords.
Caroline, Paul and Charlotte Visit - October 2006

We become six, with a huge increase in noise and
confusion.  Copenhagen is toured, pumpkins are viewed,
and castles are stormed.
The Big Visit - November 2006

Beata, Rafal, Ola, Eva and George all come, more or less
at once.  Lund is toured, herring is eaten, and the
Helsingborg/Helsingor ferry is ridden eight times.
Gothenburg - November 2006

We drive north to Sweden's second largest city.  Frog
and elevators.  gives a talk while Kathryn and Brian ride
trams, ferries
Train Day in Lund - December 2006

We celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Swedish
Railroad.  Bands play, steam engines are admired, electric
trains are compared and we go to Malmo many times.
Lund Scenes - December 2006

We wander around Lund enjoying music, puppet shows,
shopping, eating, drinking, partying and many Lucia day
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