2014 Stories
Boulder and Rockies - July 2014

Kathryn and Brian take the train to Boulder, while Eric
and Frog fly.  We visit Grandma Jo and Amy, have many
adventures, and drive across the continental divide.
Vail - July 2014

We explore Vail, visit a county fair, take a jeep ride, go
rafting, ride a gondola and party at 11,000 feet.  We
swim in a hot mineral bath and take the train home.
Hartford - August 2014

till on the road with Frog, we attend a conference in
Hartford, CT.  We visit a science museum, an
amusement park and walk in dinosaur footprints.
Takumi and Taiga - October 2014

More visitors from Japan.  As usual, we hit the Wobble
Cafe, the Blaze, Croton Dam, Teatown and a Halloween
party.  This time, the teachers come for the steak dinner!
Washington and Florida - February 2014

We take the train to a conference in Washington, and
then head south to Clearwater, Florida.  We enjoy pools,
beaches, roof-top bars and mermaid shows.
London and Philadelphia - April 2014

Eric and Frog go to London to visit Frog's parents and to
visit Cambridge.  Kathryn and Brian take the train to
Philadelphia and Boston.
Lightscapes - May 2014

After a long cold winter, the Van Cordlandt Manor near
our house sprouts some unusually bright and colorful
flowers and bugs.  
Cooking Lesson - June 2014

We win a cooking lesson in a school fund raising
auction.  Mr. Rendo teaches us how to make a delicious
completely home made Italian dinner.
Kathryn's Birthday - August 2014

We take the train to NYC for a whirlwind museum, food
and shopping trip, followed by a wild Pokémon party at
our house.  
Niagara Falls (Canadian Side) - September 2014

We walk across the river and the international border.  
We stay in a hotel room with an incredible view.  We get
very wet again.
Niagara Falls (American Side) - September 2014

We take the train to Niagara Falls, and stay in a very
fancy hotel right across from the river.  Raincoats are
worn and rainbows are viewed.
Christmas and Eric's Birthday - December 2014

Christmas as usual, but this time with cats!  Presents in
the morning, more presents in the evening, and even
more presents a few days later.  
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