On Thursday, April 2nd, I got on a plane and
began my long excursion to San Francisco.
The plane ride took about 6 hours and we
traveled about 2,500 miles.
Kathryn's California Vacation
The next day, I went to Tilden Park, where I
went on a miniature train. The train's path had
a tunnel and a lot of greenery.
A marina right near our hotel was where my
parents sailed when they lived here. My mom
went sailing, and I hung out inside making
origami. She sailed on a boat called Mad Max.
On Easter,  I headed back to the marina and
taught origami to the children. Also, I
participated in a Easter egg hunt! Easter in
California was fun.
The next day, we visited a large national park
called Muir Woods. The redwood trees were
about 380 feet tall.
We went to the ruins of a bathhouse called
Sutro Baths. In 1966 the facility burned down
and became a visitor attraction. Near it was a
restaurant named the Cliff House.
In a museum we went to, they had a tactile
dome. It was a tunnel full of different
textures, but you had to go through in
complete darkness..
Our hotel in San Francisco had a fabulous
view over the city. I loved the city and the
hotel had great beds!
We also went on a famous cable car, which went
down roads that were so steep, that horses died
trying to climb up it with cargo.
I went on a pier called Pier 39 which was
packed with sea lions. They were all basking
in the sun and being ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!
On the last of 7 days in San Francisco, it
was finally time to say...   


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