My Dad and I took the Metro to the Museum
of American History in Washington DC.
Eric at the Museum of American History
This is the screen of PONG.You have to hit
a ball back and forth.
We are in the museum and we are looking
at a really old steam powered train.

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This is the very first video game in America.It's
called PONG.
We are in the SPARK LAB. I'm building an
object out of plastic. It spins around and
We are at the Museum of American History.
I'm the one with the yellow bookbag. The
fountain isn't on right now.
In this photograph I am making a speech
about presidency.
This is the room with the very first flag of
America.The first flag is about 15 feet wide.
This is one of the first ice cream trucks in
America.  It is a GOOD HUMOR truck