04/28/10 - Hopefully there will be more than one news update this year!

We've been enjoying the winter and spring along the river, although a three day power
outage in a heavy snowstorm in March was a challenge, especially since Frog was on
a trip and Grandma Rosemary arrived right at the peak of the storm.  Fortunately our
limo driver was able to get her home safely (and earned a good tip).  We were able to
buy a small generator that kept us reasonably comfortable in the house.

Otherwise, we've had no problems with the house at all. Frog planted bulbs last fall
that came up beautifully, and she and Kathryn have been gardening in the front yard.  
My contribution, besides spraying Roundup all over the gravel, was to find a free load
of wood chips and arrange for them to be distributed on the nature trail down to the
river.  But I'll be weedwacking soon!

Frog's been on a number of trips, as documented in the stories, and reached the one
million frequent flier level on American Airlines, giving her gold status for life.  I've
been just as happy to stay home with the kids, keep the house running and keep track
of Frog's many science visitors.  

Frog will finish her frostbite racing this week, and we're launching both yellow boats
tomorrow, and looking forward to another summer on the Hudson and at the yacht
club pool.  And who knows, maybe we'll join Frog on a trip soon!

11/09/10 - Okay, there's more than one news this year.  You can get an overall idea
what we've been up to from the various stories and movies.  The kids are both doing
very well at school and at home.  Kathryn is in the first grade dual language program
(English/Spanish), and doing fairly well with her Spanish so far.  Her homework is
almost all in Spanish, including the directions, so we have had to get help from the
computer.  At home, she loves playing with our neighbor Julia and her friend Eve.  
Eric received an early promotion to the 3-4 year old room at his daycare, and he loves
being with the "big kids".  He will go on his first bus field trip tomorrow.  As you can
see from the stories and movies, Kathryn, Phyllis and I had a great time on a cruise to
Bermuda and the Caribbean.  

We're enjoying a long fall foliage season, most of the leaves are off the trees but there
are still plenty blowing around.  It seemed to go from hot to cold outside in just a few
weeks.  We're already up to double covers on the bed.

Frog is still travelling a lot, but almost always by herself.  I don't mind staying home
with the kids.  We're all going to Boston for a long weekend, but after Thanksgiving
we will leave Kathryn at Eve's house and I'll spend two or three days in Boston with
Eric, so he can get some travelling experience.  He'll never catch up with Kathryn,

We survived Halloween, and looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  And
speaking for all of us except Frog, we're looking forward to the snow!
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