03/03/09 - I've been a bit behind on news.  We've spent a lot less time travelling and
more time just enjoying living in the Tree House.  We've had a good winter, not a lot
of snow but just enough to cover the ground for Christmas and a few weeks after.  
The days are quickly getting longer, though, and we're looking forward to Daylight
Saving Time next week.

Eric is crawling all over and "talking" constantly, but hasn't shown much interest in
walking or talking.   It could change at any time.  After a number of minor illnesses
last fall, he's been pretty healthy for the last few months.  He's very curious about any
changes around the house, and he loves following Kathryn around.

Kathryn is getting more and more involved in everything, especially at school and at
the swimming pool.  She taught herself how to swim.  She is also reading everything
in sight, and constantly asking for new books.  

We are looking forward to going to England in early April, the first plane trip in almost
a year!
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