10/16/08 - A few months go by, with very little travelling for a change.  We've really
been enjoying the summer and early fall colors.  The house has been just about perfect
after all the repairs.  Kathryn loves her room, and Eric has learned to crawl and likes
to check out new rooms and closets.  They are both very happy in school.

No flying plans for the immediate future, but we are looking forward to three trips to
Boston in the next two months, plus another train trip to Chicago for Kathryn and
Brian.   Grandma Rosemary is coming in a few weeks, and we're looking forward to
Eric's first Christmas and birthday.

It is a great time of year, beautiful colors, warm days, and cool nights.   But it is
getting darker, and we'll be picking up the kids at school in the dark soon.  But we will
still have plenty of parties and dinners.  Drop by sometime!

08/14/08 - We've been too busy enjoying the summer to write.  We've done a lot of
barbecues, Jo visited twice while Frog went to conferences, we joined a yacht club in
Ossining with a great swimming pool, we went to Maine for a weekend on Big Lost in
Space, and finally Kathryn had a fun fourth birthday party.  Whew!

We can't believe summer is almost over, the pool will close in two weeks and the
evenings are getting nippy.  No back to school for Kathryn and Eric, since they went
through the summer, but many of her friends are headed back, and we'll start real
school for Kathryn next fall.

It has been great having the house finished, so we can concentrate on having fun.  
We're still trying to find the right balance of travel and staying at home.  We'll go on
several short trips this fall, but may take some time off international travel for a while.  
Eric may not make "lap platinum".

and holidays.  And Eric is becoming more aware and excited every day.  So much for
him to experience for the first time!

05/12/08 - And after almost a year, the house is completely finished except for the
Con Ed power line.  We really love it, the front porch, the new windows, the new
bedroom giant sliding door, and the dance floor.  And Kathryn loves her new
playhouse!   We've already had a series of good parties, and are looking forward to a
much calmer summer than last year.

Eric is doing great, and he's looking forward to joining Kathryn at school a few days a
week next month.  Will be good to have a few real days off.  Frog will go to the next
two conferences on her own, to South Lake Tahoe and Brazil.  We'll still go to
conferences together, but not all of them.

Jo is coming in a few weeks, and we're looking forward to some summer science
visitors.  Drop by!

04/15/08 - It was great to get back to San Francisco, and introduce everyone to Eric.  
We did all the usual rounds, including great dinners in Chinatown and at the Cliff
House.  For the first time, a conference had on-site day care, which Kathryn really
enjoyed, and we appreciated the break.  The flights were fun, with first-class
upgrades both directions.  

Back at home, spring is finally here, the days are longer, the flowers and trees are
blooming, and the leaves will come soon.  We're enjoying our last few weeks of
Hudson river views before the trees close in.

And best of all, the house is just about finished.  The contractors are just finishing up
the trim and painting.  The new windows are fantastic, and it will be great to have use
of the porch again after almost a year.  The contractors are going to do two more
smaller jobs for us, and we are going to have some slope repair and landscaping done.

We're already enjoying dinner parties in the "new" house, and we're looking forward to
some summer visitors!

03/15/08 - And we're back from Eric's first conference and plane trip.  He was great
on the plane and for the whole week.  He loved the hotel bed!   Kathryn enjoyed New
Orleans, but was a bit of a pest at times.  We listened to lots of music, ate great Cajun
meals, and drank a few too many Hurricanes.  We also took the Katrina bus tour, and
saw both the devastation and some rebuilding, but not enough.  

A week "off" at home, and then we're headed back to San Francisco for Spring MRS.  
A travel break after that, and we're looking forward to using the time to finish the
house rebuilding project, along with some landscaping.

Eric is doing great, and has grown from 8 pounds to over 12 pounds in two months.  
He is a happy baby and sleeps well.  He does like to play when he is awake!

02/22/08 - Eric will be two months old in three days!   He is still a very quiet baby,
and sleeps a lot, but likes attention when he's awake.  Kathryn loves him and they get
along very well.

Kathryn and Brian took a short train trip to Albany, and it was so successful that we
did it again with Frog and Eric.  Kathryn and Brian will take an overnight trip to
Chicago in a few days.  We are getting ready to hit the conference circuit again, with
trips to New Orleans, San Francisco and South Lake Tahoe.

Work on the house is almost complete. The roof is done, the porch will be finished in
a few days, and the new windows should come next week.  It will be great to have it

Strange weather this winter, with some 60 degree days, some 20 degrees, completely
dry, pouring rain, and then almost a foot of snow.   But the days are getting longer
and we're looking forward to Daylight Saving Time in two weeks!
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