The best Christmas present ever!  Kathryn is delighted to be a big sister, even if Eric
can't do chase chase chase for a little while.  Christmas will be delayed a few days
12/06/07 - Many changes in the woods.   The fall leaf season has come and gone, and
Halloween party with a visit from the Great Pumpkin, then went up to Boston for
Thanksgiving with Andrew and Janet.  We spent a few days with Paul, Caroline and
Charlotte in Boston while Frog attended her last conference before the new one arrives.

We're getting close now, with a due date of December 22.  We're more or less ready,
the crib is back in the house and we have a few clothes and nappies around.  At the
last checkup, he was measured to be exactly normal size.  Frog is wrapping things up
at work and will start a reduced schedule soon.   Kathryn is really looking forward to
meeting her little brother!

Kathryn's doing well at school, and has really enjoyed a series of nature classes at the
local nature reserve, called "Little Tree Huggers".  A great introduction to autumn in
New York.

10/03/07 - The fun never stops.  We had a series of dinners and pool parties at the
house, and we've been making use of the kayak, canoe and dock.  Then we flew off
to Scotland, where Rosemary, Kathryn and Brian had so much fun on the island of
Arran that we sent Frog off to the conference in Glasgow by herself.   Two weeks at
home, and then we were off to California for a week in wine country.  

Frog has one more conference in Seattle, but Kathryn and Brian will take a break from
travel.  Grandma Jo will come to visit instead.  After that, we'll stick around the house
and wait for Kathryn's little brother to arrive.  Grandma Rosemary will come and take
care of Kathryn while we're in the hospital.

The air has turned cooler, the grass has stopped growing and the leaves are starting to
turn and fall.  A great time to live in the woods!

08/14/07 -  Kathryn is three!  We had two great parties, one at the house and another
on Don's deck.  

Before that, we had a visit from Caroline, Paul and Charlotte.  Our first overnight
visitors, and it finally made us clear out the downstairs guest room.  There are still a
few boxes left!  Kathryn and Charlotte really enjoyed playing with each other.

Then off to a conference in Park City, Utah.  It is exhausting keeping up with Kathryn
for six days on the road, but she was good in the airplanes and enjoyed all the parties
and conference activities.  

Finally, we are happy to announce that Bill and Phyllis have agreed to be the god
parents of the new arrival.  All is going well, and December will be here amazingly
fast.  We've told Kathryn, and she is looking forward to being a big sister.

07/27/07 - The big news is that we are expecting, with a new baby boy coming  in
late December.  We hope Kathryn will enjoy having a playmate, at least after he stops
crying and starts crawling.  

In other news, four weeks after we moved into our new home, a tree fell across the
porch and did a lot of damage.  Getting repairs made will take months, but at least we
can live in the house.  We were in hotels for two weeks until all the inspections were

We escaped with a week in Urbana and a three week trip to Stockholm, Lund and
London.  It was great to see our Swedish friends and our favorite Lund places.
Coming up, Salt Lake City, Glasgow, Sonoma County and Seattle!

05/13/07 And two months later, we've moved into our new home.  Our address is 116
Old Albany Post Road, Ossining NY 10562, and our phone is (914) 762-0695.

We're in a beautiful little house on the south bank of the Croton River, just east of the
Hudson.  We are eight minutes from Frog's work and Kathryn's school.  We'll still be
going down to Stamford often to visit our friends, but no more commuting.

While house hunting and moving, Jo visited, Frog went to England, and we went to
San Francisco and San Diego.   We're renovating our condo, and hope to sell it soon.  
Moving was very hard, with ten years of accumulated stuff, but we did it.  Don't ask
about the moving van stuck in our mountain driveway.

Kathryn loves the new house, especially the nature trail, dock and her own room and
play yard.  We've got boxes all over, but could still squeeze in a visitor or two!

03/13/07 We've been back a month today.   It is amazing how little changes in six
months.  The old neighborhood is pretty much the same.  We were very glad to see all
our East Coast friends, and hit some of our favorite restaurants, particularly the
Mexican and pizza places.  

Kathryn is back in school, and doing well after a few days of readjusting.  We hadn't
really appreciated that while she was in school in Sweden she always had her own
adult.  But her school here is great and she really likes it.  

Now that we're settled back in, we're going to start looking for a larger home, so that
Kathryn can have her own room.  We're going to look near the lab so that Frog will
have a much shorter commute, although it won't likely be five minutes on a bicycle!  

Frog is winter sailboat racing again, and we're really looking forward to Spring!

01/29/07 Just about packed up.  We shipped five boxes Friday, we'll send four more
today.  We're almost down to hotel room level.

We've really enjoyed our time in Sweden, not to mention Denmark, Norway, the UK,
Italy and Japan.  We particularly appreciate all the people that came to visit us.  Erik,
Don, Rafal, Jo, Caroline, Paul, Charlotte, Beata, Ola, Eva, George, Helene, Rosemary,
Sid, Guglielmo, Chris, Yeng Ming, Frans, Yolanda, Jane, Anna and Archie.  Good
thing we had a guest room!

Thanks to Reine and Lars for making it possible.  Also Karla, Jantina, Emma and the
Kulan school for helping with Kathryn.  Thanks to Pia for a wonderful apartment and
for suggesting we stay another month.  Frog would like to thank Kimberly, Brent,
Magnus, Lisa, Jakob, Linus, Truus and everyone at chemistry and physics.  And
finally Don, for dealing with our Stamford mail.  It's been great!

01/17/07 Only two more weeks left in Sweden.  After a wonderful Christmas in
London, we returned to our usual quiet lifestyle.  First, Frans and Yolanda dropped by
from Holland.  Next,  Jane and Anna joined us for a third trip on the Oslo ferry.

Then the three of us went north to Kiruna, 200km above the Arctic Circle.  The polar
night was over, so there was a few hours of sunlight.   We stayed in a "lavvu", a
traditional Sami structure.  We visited the Ice Hotel and Ice Bar, which are an
incredible work of art and well worth the trip.  We flew back to Stockholm, and really
enjoyed the museums, parks and restaurants.  

Finally, we're making plans for our return via Zurich and London, and getting ready to
start shipping our stuff home.  We seem to have a bit more than we brought!
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