12/25/06 We're in London for Christmas, after a long and foggy flight from Lund.   
We really enjoyed all the buildup to the holidays, especially all the concerts and
special events. Our favorite was St. Lucia day, where we attended three
We're very happy that we have another four weeks in Lund, and we're looking
forward to visits by Frans and Yolanda, and Jane and Anna.  Then we're off to
Stockholm and Kiruna, and finally packing to go home, via Zurich, Oxford and
Cambridge.  But we'll be right back on the road, with a talk in Boston the week we
get home!  

Kathryn is really enjoying Christmas, especially her Advent Calendar ("Flap Game").
And of course she loves all her presents.  Happy Holidays to everyone, and looking
forward to seeing all our friends next year!   

11/24/06 The big news is that we've decided to stay another month in Lund, until
January 31.  Frog has a lot of science to finish up, and our apartment is available.  
We'll still go to London for Christmas.  At the end of January, we'll visit the IBM
Zurich labs, pass through London, and return to Stamford around February 10.  
There will only be six weeks of winter left!

We've enjoyed some more visitors, including George and the whole Rafal horde.  
Somehow we found beds for everyone.  We're looking forward to seeing Frans and
Yolanda for New Years.

In January, we're going to take the train to Stockholm, and then fly to Kiruna to
experience the noon dark and visit the Ice Hotel (but we'll stay in a warmer place).  
It is dark from 4pm to 8am now, and we will lose thirty more minutes at each end
before the solstice.  But the Christmas lights are coming on!

10/16/06 October is visitor month, and we've been enjoying unusually warm and
dry weather.  First Rafal dropped by for a day, then Brian's mother Jo, followed by
Caroline, Paul and Charlotte.  We've had a great time doing smörgåsbords, Lund
and Copenhagen tours, and exploring new places.  Kathryn really enjoyed seeing
Charlotte although a certain amount of toy competition occurred.

We took the train and ferry to Helsingør and visited Kronborg Castle.  The ferry
ride was so much fun that we stayed on for an extra round trip.  Apparently some
people stay on the boat for hours and enjoy a leisurely dinner.  

We're looking forward to Helene on Saturday, followed by Frog's parents and some
science visitors in November. Now that it is getting dark we're seeing the first signs
of Christmas preparations!

09/23/06 And just a week after London and Japan, we're back from Bonassola,
Italy.  It was a difficult trip both ways, although an overnight in London on the way
down was a welcome break.  Coming home, we were on the road from 8am to
midnight, with a mostly good but occasionally cranky Kathryn.  

But it was all worth it for an excellent conference, at an incredibly beautiful location
in the Italian Riviera.  The food was excellent, and the organizers went way out of
the way to accommodate and include spouses and some very active children.  The
lunches were huge traditional Italian feasts, and we found a different excellent local
restaurant every night.  Even the bar munchies were great.

We're glad to be back in Lund.  All is well at the apartment, and we're looking
forward to moving to our final and largest place October 1st, and getting ready to
welcome a series of visitors.  See you soon!

09/15/06 September is our travel month.  We just got back from a week in London,
where Brian and Kathryn stayed with Sid and Rosemary, while Frog went to a
conference in Japan.  A good time was had by all.  Brian and Kathryn visited friends
in Cambridge and Brighton while Frog gave a talk, ate sushi, noodles and crab,
drank many exotic sakes and chatted with the Empress of Japan.  

Back in Lund for a week, our good buddy Don dropped by and we kept him busy
visiting Lund, Copenhagen and the small Swedish island of Hven.  Tomorrow we're
off to London again, and then Bonassola, Italy for yet another conference.  After
that, we'll be here for a while and are looking forward to several visitors.  

After a very wet August, we're enjoying a warm and dry September, and enjoying
the days before they get too cold and dark.  There are still a few opportunities to
drop by!

08/22/06 Kathryn had her second birthday on the 12th, and is becoming a very big
and opinionated girl.  Her favorite expression is "Kathryn do it self".  We had a small
but fun party with our friend Erik from Copenhagen.

We also went to the Malmö Crayfish Festival, with good music, food, and lots of
kiddie rides.  Kathryn loved the baby bounce.  Our big trip, though, was a short
notice bargain cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo, Norway.  We loved every minute
of it.

We are in our third week here and already planning the move to our next apartment,
just two blocks away.  We'll be in the Bishop's Residence, or more precisely in the
Bishop's former stables.  

Frog's work is doing well, with a lot of new experiments planned and some already
in progress!

08/10/06 We're just about settled in.  We've found the nearest grocery stores and
mini-marts, pizza places and Mexican joints.  I don't think Swedish Mexican is
going to replace American.   We've had some really good weather, and also some
rain and thunderstorms, but overall it is very pleasant, and very comfortable for
sleeping at night.

We've been to Copenhagen and to the beach at Malmo.  We're getting the hang of
the trains and busses, and the various discount plans.  Frog is already busy at work,
lots of sample preparation and new techniques already.  And after three days of
walking fifteen minutes to work, she's purchased a bicycle and can be home in just
over five minutes!

Kathryn is doing very well, although with some sleep issues.  We have a child bed
for her, but we keep finding her in ours.  But she likes meeting Swedish kids, and
we hope to get her in a school soon.

08/02/06 We've arrived in Lund, Sweden.  There will be a few day delay before we
post more pictures, since we're still on a dial up line.  Our DSL should be installed
in a few days.  

It was frantic getting ready for five months away, and we had a workshop in
Ithaca and several visitors as well.  But the trip went just about perfectly.  Kathryn
really enjoyed her own window seat on the plane, and her full sized carseat as well.
With the stopover in London, it was a lot of planes, trains and cabs, and we had our
absolute maximum of luggage, but it all worked out fine, if exhausting.  

Our first apartment in Lund is beautiful and very large.  We'll only be here for a
month, then have a slightly smaller place a few blocks closer to town.  Frog has
checked in at the lab and started meeting the team.  

06/16/06  Lots happening, as always.  We survived another plane journey to
Sacramento to attend a conference at South Lake Tahoe.  It was Kathryn's last
flight as a lap infant!  We visited Columbia, California on the way up and stayed on
a riverboat on the way back.  Kathryn really enjoyed it, although she had some
trouble napping and got a bit grumpy at times.

We delivered Big Lost in Space up to Maine, and will put the airplane away in two
weeks.  We have just a little more paperwork to finish then we can buy our tickets
to Sweden.  Hard to believe it is only six weeks away!  

Kathryn is building quite a vocabulary, and can make simple sentences, especially
when she wants something.  She's really enjoying daycare, and I hope we can find
something for her in Sweden.  We're also starting to make some sightseeing plans
for our five months there.  

05/30/06  Back after a few weeks delay installing a new computer.  

For a month with no travel, we've been busy launching boats, finishing the plane's
annual and working on Sweden plans.  We're leaving Friday for South Lake Tahoe,
and when we return, I'm delivering Big Lost in Space up to Maine with three crew.  
Frog and Kathryn will drive up to meet us.  

Kathryn is getting bigger, and is working on two and even three word sentences.  
She is getting more opinionated about food, clothes, and which park we play in
("Big slide!"  "Big slide!").    

We still have a little more paperwork before we buy our Sweden tickets, with eight
weeks left.  Will fit in as much sailing and other New England fun before we go.  
We had a fun visit with Rosemary, and look forward to Jo in July!

04/25/06  And we're back from San Francisco, another action-packed trip.  
Kathryn was pretty good on the flights, just a little squirming.  She really enjoyed
staying at the Marriott, particularly with the nearby wading pool and carousel. She
loved the "horsies".  We had a number of good dinners out including a fancy dinner
on a floating island, ending with a stretch limo ride back to the hotel.  Kathryn
always travels in style!

Back in Stamford, we're all enjoying the warm weather, and Kathryn really likes  
going to the neighborhood playground.

Nothing planned for May, but will be working (and playing) with the boats, getting
ready to deliver Big Lost in Space to Maine in June.  Also in June, we'll be back in
California for a conference at South Lake Tahoe, then a quick visit to Ithaca in July
before we head for Sweden.  Will go by quickly!

03/17/06  Back on the road again, with a conference in Baltimore.  Very successful
trip, with another great hotel room, lots of receptions and dinners, and a fun train
ride with some friends.  

Frog will go to two short workshops by herself in the next few weeks, to the
University of Virginia and DOE headquarters outside Washington.  Kathryn loves
the road, but neither of these offer much fun for kiddies.  We'll stay home for the
first one and perhaps go to Boston for the second.  

The big news is that Kathryn starts at the Watson toddler room on Tuesday!  It will
be much more fun for her, with 16 older kids, and a much shorter drive for Frog.  
We'll miss our friends at Bedford Hills!

02/12/06  And after the warmest January on record, winter is back with over 12"
of snow and still falling.  We probably won't be out of the house until Tuesday.  
Kathryn looks at it, and is learning "snow" but isn't that interested.  We may try a
little snow play this afternoon.

In other news, Caroline and Charlotte came down for a visit to Frog's lab, and I had
a great time with the kids while they worked.  We went to the aquarium, then a
local seafood place, then we met them for Mexican in the evening.  To be complete,
we all went for sushi on Saturday.

We're working on our Sweden plans, I'm talking with day care places in Lund and
we've been sent info on a few apartments.  Too early to rent something, but we're
getting ideas about where we want to live.  Sweden is scheduled for August 1st to
December 20, followed by Christmas in London.  

01/12/06  Another year, another trip.  This time, we flew off to Arizona for a
workshop in Tempe.  After five days in a very nice resort, we headed north for
three more days at the Grand Canyon.  Kathryn was a great traveller as always,
except for a little squirming on planes.  

We are looking forward to several months with no air trips, just some local trips to
Washington and Baltimore, probably by train.  Later in the spring we'll be back in
San Francisco and then Lake Tahoe.  

Kathryn is very happy to be home, and enjoyed seeing all her friends at day care.  
She hardly recognized her own crib, but really liked playing with all her old toys,
plus the new ones from Christmas.

We're enjoying unusually warm and dry weather for New England, no snow for a
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