We've retired Kathryn's infant car seat and she moved up to a big girl's forward
facing seat.  She loves it, but it is a little harder to nap in.  We will leave our last
using them to tell us what she wants.  She learns something new every day.  In
addition to the travel, we really appreciate all our friends who have shared their
homes and joined us for many dinners and celebrations.  2006 will be a great new
adventure, hopefully ending with five months in Sweden.  Happy New Year!  

12/04/05  No plane rides, but still plenty of travel. We drove up to Boston for
Thanksgiving, came home for a frostbiting race, then back up to Boston for the fall
MRS meeting.  Thanksgiving at Paul and Caroline's was great with Janet, Andrew,
Emily and Katie.

We enjoyed a nice hotel room at the Sheraton, and celebrated it with the usual
reception and dinner.  Kathryn has been fighting a bad diaper rash, but a doctor in
Boston finally found a combination of ointment and antibiotic that seems to have
worked.  She doesn't seem to mind the car trips, as long as we stop for breaks
occasionally.  She's outgrown her car seat, and we're looking for a new forward
facing seat for her.

One more week home, then off to London for a week, back for Christmas in
Boston, then off to Phoenix and the Grand Canyon in January!

10/18/05  We had a great time at Kathryn's second Lake George regatta.  She had
fun with her cousin Charlotte, we enjoyed our cabin, friends and great racing.  The
crew came in 32nd, well up from previous years.

We got home at 7:30pm and left for London and Sweden the next morning at
4:30am.  It was exhausting, and Kathryn is getting slightly crankier on airplanes.  
We had fun in Sweden, exploring Lund, the university and taking a train trip to
Copenhagen.  We'll decide in the next few months if we want to spend four to six
months there in 2006.

So now a restful time at home, with eight weeks until our next London flight.  A
few short trips to Boston, but mostly just enjoying the autumn leaves.  Kathryn
loves to pick them up and play with them.  She is also walking confidently, and
really enjoying being at home.

09/23/05 Just back from Montenegro, and only one weekend before we leave for
Sweden.  Just before that, we are going up to Lake George for Kathryn's second
Changing of the Colors regatta.  Last year, it was her very first trip, at 1 month
old.  See
last year's trip to see how much Kathryn has changed!

In the past month, Kathryn has grown quite a bit, learned to walk, and says "cat"
and "fish" if prompted.    Her favorite word is still "dat", with a pointed finger,
which means she wants to know the name of something.  She really loves her
books, and asks for them over and over again at bedtime.  

She continues to be a great traveller, dealing with planes, hotels, food and jetlag
with only a few complaints.  She does like to walk around, though, and doesn't like
to sit in her carseat.  

After Sweden, no flights until December, but three trips to Boston!

09/06/05 Kathryn had a great first birthday, with sushi lunch and over twenty
friends at a BBQ on Don's deck.  She received many wonderful gifts, and she is
really enjoying them.  

We are struggling along between conferences, trying to keep up with paperwork,
doctor visits and Frog's work before flying off to London and Montenegro on
Friday morning.  We'll be gone about ten days.  We had the chance to go up to
Boston for a sailboat race and go to Joan's cabin in Maine to introduce Kathryn to
tide pools and have some wonderful dinners.   

Kathryn passed her one year check up with no problems at all.  She is a bit small
and short for her age, but that's okay with us, she's enough of a challenge to carry
now!  She has also fallen in love with her books, and insists that each be read
before bedtime.   

08/10/05 Only two days until Kathryn's first birthday!

Kathryn will have two parties on Friday, lunch at her favorite sushi bar, and a BBQ
party in the evening.  We celebrated surviving the first year a few days early, by
booking a romantic cabin for three on the Big Island of Hawaii.  During the
conference, we stayed in Kaneohe, where we landed after the 1996 Pacific Cup.
Then we flew out to see the volcanoes, lava, craters and many, many beaches.

Kathryn was great on the road.  As always, she was very popular on the planes and
everywhere we went.  She travels well, and continues to sleep well in portable cribs.

A few more weeks at home, then off to London and Montenegro, then Lake George
and Sweden in October.  Kathryn is now officially "Lap Platinum" on American
Airlines, with over 50,000 miles in 9 months!

07/25/05 Another month, another conference.  We just got back from 10 days in
Yellowstone, Big Sky Montana and the Grand Tetons.  We stayed in some pretty
nice places, including the Chicago Airport Hilton, lodges in the heart of Yellowstone
and the Tetons, and the Big Sky resort.  Kathryn was a great traveller on the planes
and for the first time slept through the night in all the hotels.  The secret was
keeping her up until 10:30 at night, when she was exhausted and would sleep

We're home for 10 days.  Of course we couldn't just rest, we did an overnight boat
trip to Huntington Bay, where Kathryn enjoyed the pool and most of the sailing.  
She really enjoyed sleeping with us for the first time in several months.  

06/19/05 - We just got back from Illinois, a very successful conference and visit
with Brian's relatives.  Kathryn was the hit of the conference, as always.  We're
looking forward to Yellowstone in a few weeks, Hawaii after that, and Montenegro
in September.  

Lots of sailing, Frog's doing great on Tuesday nights, and Kathryn and Brian often
gather up a crew to watch from Big Lost in Space.  Frog also did the Mayor's cup
and an Ideal 18 regatta, while Kathryn and Brian went to the Mystic Seaport

The big news, Kathryn's been accepted at an excellent daycare center near Frog's
work, and we start the two-week transition process on Monday.  Brian's looking
forward to his first day off!

05/02/05 - Another month, another trip!  We went back to England to attend a
conference in Oxford, then visited friends in Cambridge.  Kathryn did fine on the
road, no problems on airplanes and only a little fussing in all the strange beds.  

Chasing after the cats in the London flat gave Kathryn the inspiration to start
crawling.  The cats were never in any serious danger.   We went to several parks
and enjoyed many dinners.  

It was fun seeing the Cambridge crowd, we stayed with Andrew and Caroline, and
spent time with Tim, Angela, Rafal, Beata and their many kids.  Kathryn particularly
enjoyed the play area in Rafal's back yard.

We're working on the boats, getting ready for the sailing and racing season, and
looking forward to more trips in June and July!

04/07/05 - March was a busy month.  Jo left, Rosemary came for a short visit, and
we flew off to San Francisco for the Materials Research Society conference, with
Caroline, Paul, Charlotte, Frog, Brian and Kathryn

The MRS staff surprised us with an upgrade to a penthouse suite at the Marriott,
half the floor and a fantastic view.  We made the most of it with our best Tuesday
party ever.  We enjoyed a Giants baseball game, and then moved to Berkeley where
Chuck and Kathy, Kathryn's godparents, prepared food for an incredible party at
the Berkeley Yacht Club.  It was fun to introduce Charlotte and Kathryn to all our
West Coast friends.

Home four days, and we're packing up for another trip to London.  Kathryn's doing
great, except for a little teething pain.  It has suddenly become warm in Stamford,
and we're looking forward to sailing when we get back!

03/14/05 - Ithaca should have been easy after Japan, London and Germany, but we
made it more of a challenge by driving up through a snow storm and back with an
overheated radiator (easily fixed).

Jo came to visit, and we put her to work shopping for the perfect crib for Kathryn,
who is beginning to wiggle and flop out of her little floor bed.  After much
searching, we found the perfect crib and bedding, and she really seems to enjoy

At the last pediatrician visit, Kathryn was 15lbs 8 ounces, and should be near 16lbs
by now.  She is eating solid food well, her favorite is "O's", a sugar-free Cheerio.  
She also likes rice porridge and goes nuts for a tiny amount of whipped cream.  

Looking forward to a short Rosemary visit, and getting ready for San Francisco
and Charlotte and Kathryn's West Coast coming out party!

02/21/05 - We're back from London and Germany.

Kathryn has now been on 7 planes in 4 weeks, and has 6 stamps in her passport.  
What a traveller!  

Along the way, she learned how to sit up, was introduced to solid food,  popped
out one tooth and is working on a second one.  She was just a little grumpier than
normal, but still got high praise from the flight attendants for being a quiet baby.

She really enjoyed meeting the other "Christmas kids", Frank and Elizabeth's Lara
and Martin and Sabine's Lennart, along with Martina and Theo, Lili, Job, Brian's  
friends from the Well and Frog's old school chums.

Next, Cornell, San Francisco and Oxford.  Hang on!

02/08/05 - After a slight delay due to a system crash, Japan pictures are here!

We had a fantastic trip.  Kathryn was a little angel on the plane, enjoying 14 hours
of nonstop play and holding.  She had no problem with jet lag going over, and was
ready to meet new friends and see many unusual places.

We're hitting the road again, this time to London and Germany, and we already have
San Francisco tickets as well.   Looking forward to seeing Rosemary and Sid, and
also the "Christmas couples", three pregnant pairs from last year reunited in
Germany, all with beautiful babies.  

01/12/05 - Announcing: Charlotte Geraldine Ross   6 Jan 2005 12:35 pm 6.05 lb
19.5 inches

to see her.  All are doing well, and their huge house will be perfect for the rapidly
growing family.
Back home, we've completed travel plans for Japan and Germany, and are working
on San Francisco in March and Oxford in April, with more to come.   Kathryn likes
conferences and hotels, hope she doesn't mind airplanes too much.  Her passport is

01/04/05 - Happy New Year!  It's been a wonderful holiday season.  

We started with a trip to NYC to see the Grand Central decorations, and followed
with a whirlwind five borough tour with Paul and Caroline.  Our friend Renee also
dropped into New York, giving us a  excuse for another NYC trip to the Oyster Bar.

We received many presents at Stamford, and set up our tiny tree and a train set.  
But for the real holiday, we headed up to Caroline and Paul's house in Arlington,
near Boston.  We overstayed our welcome, celebrating Christmas, New Year's, and
many dinners and visits in between.  

We're settling back into regular life in Stamford, and starting to make plans for
Frog's return to the conference circuit, with trips to Japan, Germany and San
Francisco in the next three months.  
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