Just before that, we had a great Thanksgiving with Andrew and Janet.  

Kathryn was the official MRS baby, with her own guest badge and a suite at the
Sheraton to entertain visitors.  She attended many parties, including the President's
reception, a Harvard reception and her own conference soiree.  She did great, but I
was exhausted!

Since then, we've been around the house, except for an exciting trip to New York, her
first train trip since birth.  We've been spending a lot of time with our new friends
from the baby class, Nicky, Eoghan and Alexandra.      

11/11/04 - My mother Jo has been here for 10 days, and having great fun with
Kathryn.  Lots of baby holding, playtime, singing and learning animal sounds.   
Kathryn is really enjoying the attention, and it has been a big help as Frog works in the
office two days a week and tries to work at home for two more.

Kathryn is up to 12 pounds 9 ounces, and got promoted to the "big baby" class at the
Stamford hospital.   We all went to Caroline's great new house in Arlington for the
weekend, and enjoyed a Guy Falkes party.  Kathryn really played the crowd at the
party, and got lots of holding time.  She doesn't seem to mind where she sleeps as
long as we're there.  She's not crazy about long car rides, but puts up with it.

We are starting to plan conference travel for the new year.  We will go to Germany in
February, and may go to Japan in January.  Will be interesting to see how Kathryn
adopts to life as a scientific baby.  Three months old tomorrow!

10/30/04 - Many adventures!  Kathryn has finally fought off her cold, but not without
a lot of sniffles, sneezing and nose drops.  Took about ten days, but she is completely

And just in time for a three day trip to Nantucket, where we stayed in our friends'
incredible beach house.  Kathryn enjoyed most of it, although she isn't too sure about
my flying abilities.  She's a bit unsettled in new places, but as long as she gets to sleep
between the two of us, she's happy.  She's been asking when it will get warm again.  
I've been trying to explain about snow to her, but she isn't impressed.

Weight continues up, she is 12 pounds 2 ounces on Friday the 29th.  She has some
good Halloween outfits, so look for a new picture of the day soon.

10/20/04 - Staggering along.  Given how long some days are, amazing how fast the
weeks go by.  We're all very glad that Frog can take extra time off work, although she
is getting some pay for work at home.  She'll be going back to the office for full days
starting Nov 1.  

Kathryn's had a sniffle for four days, which hasn't been a problem except that she has
trouble feeding at night.  We took her to the pediatrician this morning and she checked
out fine, and they gave us some hints for nose and throat clearing.  Mostly will just
take some time to clear up.

She's still gaining weight, up to 11 pounds, 6 oz last Friday, right on track.  We went
on a long shopping trip yesterday, and she enjoyed it.  Her grabbing skills are getting
better, if things line up just right she can grab something and put it in her mouth.  Will
be plenty more of that soon!

10/08/04 - Another Friday weigh-in, up to 10 lbs, 14 ounces, so back on track for an
ounce a day.  A lot of baby!  But there are many 16-20 pound babies in the Mommy
support group, so we have a way to go.  

Kathryn's doing fine, although a bit stressed about a lot of travel and visitors.  We
enjoyed a trip to the Bronx Zoo, she slept through most of it.  She's been napping fine
during the day, but at night she only sleeps about two hours at a time, which is driving
Frog nuts.  

With all the travelling and strangers, she is being more careful about keeping us in
sight, if we both leave she cries immediately.  But she still loves to be carried around
(and isn't too picky who does it).  

First shots on Monday!

10/04/04 - We're just back from a three day road trip to the Lake George J-24 regatta
and a visit to GE Research in Albany.  Kathryn held up well most of the time, with
only a reasonable amount of grumping at all the unfamiliar places and people.  She was
a big hit at the yacht club and at the race parties.

Before we left, we weighed her in at 10 lbs, 7 ounces.  A big rate slowing from
before, but possibly just a low moment in the milk and nappy cycle.  Will see how this
week goes.  

She's becoming more and more alert, and is good a lot of the time, especially since she
got back to her familiar home, bed and people.  

We had a great visit with Rosemary, and look forward to seeing Brian's mom Jo later
in the month.  

09/25/04 - Kathryn reached six weeks last Thursday, the peak of the fussies
according to the books.  We are getting to know each other pretty well, and she is
sleeping longer at night, as much as four hours, and going back to sleep faster.  

She can be pretty grumpy, but also is smiling regularly and plays with her toys in
more than a random way.  She still doesn't know what her hands are, but she's
working on it.  On Friday, she weighed 10 pounds 3 ounces, a 9 ounce increase.  
Here's a chart of her weight for the first six weeks.

Frog has decided to stay off work until the end of October, then go back part time.  
We're going to go to Lake George and Schenectady next week, will see how she
responds to motel rooms.

Frog's Mum has been here all week, and has been a big help with
baby tending.

09/18/04 - We had a fun birthday last Sunday (see too many
photos).  Although many
people claim I secretly like going to the Little Farm, I think Kathryn liked it too.  She
was quiet and awake the whole time.

At her most recent weighing, Friday 09/17, she was 9 pounds 10 oz, slowing to a
more reasonable 6 oz per week.  She'll probably be a ten pound baby next Friday.  

We're still not getting much sleep, but we're hanging in there.  She is becoming even
more aware of her toys and can usually wallop one more often than not.  She has
started playing with them by herself, which is a huge step forward.  Frog says she's
even seen an early smile.  We met a 10 week old at the support group yesterday who
was playing, smiling and cooing up a storm. We're really looking forward to it.

09/11/04 - We've passed the four week mark, and Kathryn will be a month old
tomorrow.  She's still growing at an incredible rate, 9 pounds 4 oz on Friday,
matching last week's gain of 10 oz a week.  She's completely left newborn nappies
and moved on to the 1-2 months size.  The clothes that seemed cavernous a few
weeks ago fit well now, and may not last much longer.

Unfortunately, as she gets larger and slightly more alert, the crying and fussing has
increased, especially in the evening.  We're told this is common, as she becomes more
aware of her tummy aches, and also just becomes more self aware.  She still isn't
reaching for objects, but she studies patterns and pictures much more intently.  
Our sleep and energy levels are pretty low right now, and it is hard to do normal tasks
with frequent crying breaks.  We hope this peaks soon and she becomes more settled
in her environment.  Meanwhile, we sleep when we can.

09/04/04 - Kathryn is just over three weeks old, and changing (and being changed)
every day.  The big news, literally, is that she is growing like crazy.  At her regular
Friday weighing, she'd gained 10 ounces in a week, for a total of 8 pounds, 10 oz.  
She's got a real tummy (takes after her dad) but all the nurses and doctors say that the
more the better at this point.

We've taken Kathryn on her first boat ride, first plane ride and even a simple overnight
trip to the Stamford outer harbor.  She handles everything just fine, mostly by sleeping
through it.  We've been told to let her sleep as much as possible. She is a bit crankier
than her first two weeks, but not impossible.  We had one evening when she cried for
3 hours straight, but usually she goes back to sleep in 30 minutes or so.  She also has
a little baby acne, which should go away soon. But overall, she looks great, and we're
hanging in there!

08/27/04 -  Two weeks!  Long nights and very short weeks.  Time for another
Mommy (and Daddy) support meeting at the hospital.  Two week pediatrician visit
yesterday, Kathryn's doing great.  She was born 7lb 5oz, dropped to 6lb 15oz
(expected) and is now up to 7lb 15oz , a  pound in 10 days!  They said this was in the
top 10% of babies, but perfectly normal and not to be discouraged.  She's a real
suckmonster, jumping from breast to pumped bottle and back with no problems.

We're watching for other signs of development.  She's still not reaching for things, but
that should start soon, with hand-batting first, then grasping.  And she's still very good
about crying only when she needs something.  Food and nappies are easy,
entertainment (usually at night) is harder.

We took her to Brennan's for the first time on Tuesday and she slept right through it.  
Yesterday was her first boat visit (see photos), and we may go for a short boat ride
tonight.  We're doing a lot together, and overall she seems to like it.  

08/20/04 - And we survive the first week, although not with much sleep.  It is
absolutely amazing that a baby requires 48 adult hours a day, especially since she
sleeps for 16 of them.  Everything just takes much longer.  If we go out, it takes
about an hour to get ready, making sure we're in the right part of the
nappy/nurse/burp/sleep cycle.   

We've had many friends bring us food and help keep us sane.  Many, many thanks!  
We had our first baby support class today at the hospital, and they had some really
good hints that we hope will help.  Nice just to meet other mums.  

08/13/04 - The delivery was a bit more exciting than we might have liked.  After a
gradual buildup of contractions at home, all of a sudden things started happening
quickly and we barely made it to the hospital.  On our way there, I stopped at a light
and called the hospital to say that it was happening fast, and should I go to the
emergency room?  No, but they would have a wheelchair ready.  They took one look
at Frog, tossed her in the chair and got her in a bed in about 30 seconds.  The doctor
arrived about 2 minutes later and called immediately for a full team. Six quick pushes
later, and Kathryn came flying out, completely normal and healthy.  

08/12/04 - Kathryn was born 19 minutes after we arrived at the hospital.  All are doing
well.  Details soon.

08/11/04 - We keep tidying the house and working on distractions.  Last night we
babysat Anouk while the gang raced Little Lost in Space.  Mostly successful, at least
until Anouk realized Frog wasn't the Mommy.  Then we were really glad to see the
boat come back.  Two doctor visits so far this week, perfectly normal.  The kid is
doing great, and partying up a storm.  Will be in for a rude awakening soon!

08/07/04 - The big day and so far, nothing.  We are keeping busy with a pot luck at
the marina last night (lots of fussing over Frog, which is driving her nuts), and we
arranged a pleasant short flight for this morning, to take some pictures of the boats
(see the photo page).  Mostly an excuse to get out of the house.   Frog is rewiring the
Merit, which is her version of a nesting instinct.  More soon!

08/05/04 - We had the last routine doctor visit today, and all perfectly normal. The kid
is doing great, and is exactly normal size.  Last night we went for a dinner sail with
Audrey, Bill and friends and Frog is still running around boats.  But as of today, the
doctor has cut off racing, we have to stay close to home.  No work after Friday,
either, except for email.  Just a waiting game now.  We'll see the doctor every three
days starting Monday.

07/31/04 - Much baby shopping and house arranging as we go into the last week.  Big
news is that Chuck Johnson and Kathy Pickup have agreed to be godparents, and will
hopefully recommend her for Berkeley Yacht Club membership.

07/28/04 - With 10 days to go to August 7th, Frog is doing fine, still working, sailing
and pretty much everything normal.  We're seeing the doctor every week, and
everything is just about perfect so far.  We'll post updates here, but we're expecting to
be a little late. And we're not saying anything about names, other than that "the kid"
will be a Ross.  

07/25/04 - Steven, Moyra, Sharee and all our friends organized a shower for us, with
great food and many gifts.  Pictures are in the photo section.  Thanks to everyone for
coming up to Peekskill and bringing such terrific gifts!
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